Spitz Residence

Spitz Residence

Spitz Residence

The Mesquite Forest

Vado Fines


Setting forms

Window Opening

On Top of the World

Front View of Shop

Side View

Formed Up

Ramming the wall

Interior Framing


Studio Roof Trusses

Plumbing Manablock

Studio Corbels & Rafters

Framing Main House

Main Bedroom

Corbels & Rafters


Privacy Wall




Close-up of Window Installation

Flashing around Window

Corbel on Porch

Front Entry Area

South View of the Main House

Reflection of a corbel

Pool House with first coat of stucco

A Glimpse of a nicho

Sanding the Plastered walls

Sculptured half wall

Sculptured Wall Completed

Large Hall Nicho

Color, color, color!!!

Main Bathroom

Exterior Nicho

Landscape fines ready to spread

White on Lime Green

Guest bath Tub Area

Tiled windows

Guest Bedroom Arch

Living Room View

The Kitchen View

Front Door

Front Entry

A view into the Living Room

Kitchen View

Kitchen View #2

Living Room View

Pool House Kitchenette

Main Bathroom

Pool House Bathroom

Pool House Shower

Office/Computer Niche

On the Back Patio

A View of all 3 Buildings

Southern Patio

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